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During your pregnancy it’s important to monitor your wellbeing and how your baby is doing. This is called antenatal care. Your LMC will monitor your blood pressure, test your urine, listen to baby’s heart beat and measure your baby’s growth by examining your stomach.

Blood Tests

When you first see your LMC you will be asked to give a blood sample to test for:

  • your blood group
  • iron content in your blood
  • any harmful antibodies
  • immunity to rubella
  • hepatitis B
  • syphilis

You will also be offered Antenatal HIV Screening.

For more information on these tests see www.everybody.co.nz

Where can i get a blood test done?

Blood tests are usually done at Medlab in the Wairarapa, you can choose where you get the test done.

· Wairarapa Hospital 06 946 9836

· Masterton Medical 06 370 0595

· Carterton 06 379 8683

· Greytown 06 304 7068

· Featherston 06 308 9220

· Martinborough 06 306 9501

Blood tests are free for New Zealand residents.


There are times in the pregnancy where an ultrasound scan may be requested.

This is sometimes done:

  • as part of the Maternal Serum Screening First Trimester Combined test
  • at around 20 weeks to check your baby’s physical features such as heart, lungs, brain, spine, etc
  • if it is medically required (such as checking your baby’s growth)

Where can i get my ultrasounds done?

Selina Sutherland Hospital
Note: There is a small cost involved

Pacific Radiology
Hutt Valley and Wellington Clinics  
Note: There may be a charge-  check their website beforehand

Horizon Radiology
For clinic locations see their website