Early Signs

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Most women first suspect they are pregnant when they miss their period. This can be confirmed by taking a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Tests

You can get pregnancy tests at your chemist or supermarket that you can do at home. The test identifies traces pregnancy hormones in your urine. You can also take a test at your GP, LMC midwives also offer this service free of charge. They may do a urine test or a blood test to confirm you are pregnant.

Physical Changes

Early signs of pregnancy include swollen, tender breasts, darkened nipples, tiredness, bloating and a need to urinate frequently.

Many women feel “morning sickness” by the 6th week of their pregnancy. You may be sensitive to smells and tastes and you may not feel like eating. It’s a good idea to eat small, healthy meals, drink plenty of water, avoid fatty or sugary food and get plenty of sleep.