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Travelling with your baby

By law you must use a child car restraint for all children under 5 every time they travel by car.

Please remember - You will need a car seat fitted when you go home from hospital with your baby.

Restraints must be suitable for the child’s height and weight, and until the child is 2 years old you should use a rear-facing seat to protect their spine and neck.

If you don’t want to invest in car seats that your child will soon outgrow, car seat rentals are a good option. Plunket offer a non-profit Car Seat Rental scheme at Wairarapa Community Centre. The service does not receive government funding: it is funded through rental payments, donations and grants.

Plunket Wairarpa Car Seat service

41 Perry Street
06 378 6101

Opening hours:
Tuesday 12:30-15:30
Thursday 10:00-13:00

Find out more on the Plunket website

Safe Sleeping

Up to 60 babies die from Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (or ‘SUDI’) in New Zealand each year. This includes both explained and unexplained deaths. Common causes include suffocation by bedding or by an adult or child who is sleeping with the baby.

To protect your baby:

  • Make sure they sleep on their back (with their face up)
  • Make sure bedding and pillows are kept away from your baby’s face as they sleep
  • Make sure there are no gaps between the cot and their mattress
  • Don’t smoke - and make sure others don’t smoke around baby

It’s safest not to sleep in the same bed as your baby. Keep them in a cot, bassinette, wahakura or pepipod and sleep in the same room. Your midwife will check where you baby will sleep and give you advice when they visit.

For more information see the HealthEd website