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Once you have confirmed you are pregnant the first thing you need to do is find a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).  Ideally, see them before you are 10 weeks pregnant so they can arrange the tests you may need during your pregnancy.

Lead Maternity Carers (LMC)

Your LMC will be responsible for your care throughout your pregnancy, birth and for up to 4-6 weeks after your baby is born.

What does a LMC do?

Your LMC will make sure you get the care you need including assistance for managing medical conditions. They will provide any forms you need for blood tests and an ultrasound scan.

Your LMC will see you regularly during your pregnancy. They will provide care and refer you to specialists for any tests or treatments needed.

They will help you develop a care plan that includes the choices you need to make during your pregnancy, labour and birth - and after your baby is born. (This can be updated throughout your pregnancy). They are available during business hours to provide advice and provide emergency care 24/7.

They will attend your labour and the birth of your baby. They will also arrange backup support in case they are unavailable. Your LMC will make sure you have postnatal care visits while you are in hospital and during the 4-6 weeks after you give birth.

Home Birth Options

Not all LMCs offer home birth. If you are interested in having your baby at home ask the LMC if they provide this service.

For more information on Home Birth see

LMC options in the Wairarapa

For contact details for Wairarapa based LMC midwives and to check their availability see or click here.

Please Note: GPs do not offer LMC maternity services in the Wairarapa